In memory of Ruchama Chaya Fruma bas R’ Dov Pinchas a''h

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Ein Od Milvado Bracelet – FREE

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11 reviews for Ein Od Milvado Bracelet – FREE

  1. Rikki


  2. Ahuva

    Amazing bracelets

  3. C (verified owner)

    Thank you so so much!

  4. Melissa pupko

    It’s so nice ,all of this !!! And since the bracelets are for free I want to gets a lot of them to remind me!!

  5. Pinny Kohn

    There very good

  6. Rina


  7. Rena

    Will you have more?
    Where can o order now?

  8. FB

    Love these!!

  9. Sara and Ahuva

    Great quality!!!! it reminds that there is only one god!!!

  10. Benyamin Buryev

    I love u guys I would love to have a ein od milvado braclet thank u

  11. Rachel Adina

    this is AMAZING i love the whole meaning behind this! when will the wristbands be back in? thanks!!

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